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Client Interview: By the Sea Resorts

By the Sea Resorts offers a diverse collection of beachfront hotels and restaurants in Panama City Beach, Florida. Their portfolio includes comfortable accommodations with a home-like feel and warm hospitality. By the Sea Resorts’ goal is to create lasting memories for Panama City Beach visitors through authentic experiences and genuine service.


Q: Can you walk us through some specific ways in which Call Center Solutions has positively impacted your business operations since our partnership began?

  • A: CCS has greatly improved our ability to track key metrics such as wait time, abandonment, and production by reservations agents.  These are all critical in helping us improve our performance.

Q: What were the critical factors that influenced your decision to choose Call Center Solutions over other options available in the market?

  • A: To begin, we knew of CCS’ outstanding reputation. From our first conversation, everyone on their team was extremely professional and helpful as we went through the process of transitioning away from our (then) current Reservations solution.

Q: Could you share any challenges or pain points that Call Center Solutions successfully addressed for your company, and how this contributed to your overall business goals?

  • A: Understanding what our abandonment and call wait times were. Prior to our partnership with CCS, we were essentially running blind. As we began our partnership, we could immediately get and track critical data points that mattered most to us.

Q: In your opinion, what sets Call Center Solutions apart from other service providers you may have worked with in the past?

  • A: I’ve used larger companies for Call Centers in the past, and the thing that sets CCS apart is essentially the personal touch they provide.  We are not just another number with them.

Q: Are there any particular features or services offered by Call Center Solutions that have proven to be especially valuable or effective for your business needs?

  • A: The ability to get consistent staffing.  In this day and age, it is such a challenge.  CCS’s ability to provide consistent, quality staffing so that we can choose who is on our team (from many options) proved valuable to By the Sea Resorts.

Q: How would you describe the level of collaboration and partnership between your company and Call Center Solutions?

  • A: The level of collaboration has been fantastic. Again from the very beginning, CCS walked us through the process step by step and ensured a smooth transition.

Q: How has Call Center Solutions demonstrated flexibility and adaptability in meeting the unique requirements of your business?

  • A: Honestly, our company did not have too many unique requirements that needed flexibility and adaptability.  Although, the most significant one was CCS’s adaptability in working with our existing telecom provider. 

Q: In your view, what makes Call Center Solutions a reliable and trustworthy partner for businesses seeking effective solutions in the industry?

  • A: CCS was there for us every step of the way. They provide a quick, and easy solution to a problem that plagues our industry. They really are the “easy” button for Call Centers.

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