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Client Interview: Brittain Resorts and Hotels

Brittain Resorts and Hotels

Brittain Resorts and Hotels offers guests an exceptional vacation experience with a wide range of luxurious accommodations, top-notch amenities, and world-class dining. Each property is expertly designed and beautifully decorated, providing guests with a home-away-from-home feeling and breathtaking views located along the Grand Strand in North Myrtle Beach, Myrtle Beach, and Pawleys Island, South Carolina. Whether it’s an oceanfront resort, a boutique hotel, or a spacious villa, Brittain Resorts and Hotels caters to the unique preferences and needs of every traveler.

Guests can enjoy championship golf, relaxing spa treatments, and an array of outdoor activities. Brittain Resorts and Hotels is more than just a place to stay; it’s an experience that they’ve been perfecting since 1940. The brand prides itself on providing exceptional service from the moment guests book their stay to the moment they check out. Call Center Solutions begins the booking portion of each guest’s trip. Our highly trained staff at the call center is dedicated to helping guests plan the perfect vacation with expert advice on accommodations, activities, and local attractions. They take the time to listen to each guest’s needs and preferences, ensuring that every detail of their stay is customized to their liking. From booking reservations to answering questions and providing recommendations, our call center team is committed to providing exceptional service and making each guest feel valued and appreciated. With Call Center Solutions and Brittain Resorts and Hotels working together, guests can rest assured that their vacation will be unforgettable from start to finish.


Our team sat down to interview Brittain Resorts and Hotels. Working together since our opening, BRH can give an exceptional example of what it’s like being a client of Call Center Solutions.

Q: Why did your company decide to hire Call Center Solutions over other options?

  • A: Being in the hospitality industry, our seasonality can impact our labor force.  We were looking to broaden our labor efforts to ensure we were fully staffed year-round. Covid made it very difficult to find employees and CCS made it easy. 

Q: How has Call Center Solutions met or exceeded your expectations? 

  • A: The rewards and recognition program has gone above and beyond to support the staff and keep the employees engaged and having fun. 

Q: What has CCS done for your business that you have found particularly valuable?

  • A: The recruiting process has proven to be an invaluable service. 

Q: Do you feel your continued communication with CCS has been straightforward? Have we proactively listened and worked to find possible solutions?

  • A: Yes, the weekly meetings help to ensure our visions are aligned, and the team is great at providing support where needed. 

Q: Would you recommend CCS to other businesses? Why?

  • A: Yes!  They keep our business running smoothly and provide continued support.

Q: What benefits has your company received from working with CCS?

  • A: CCS has helped us tremendously with lowering attrition, providing more qualified applicants, and improving our recruiting process.

Q: Does your company feel that you have received the promised services from CCS?

  • A: CCS has provided what was promised and continues to go above and beyond by offering additional support on a consistent basis. 

Q: Have we helped promote growth within your company?

  • A: CCS has promoted growth within our organization and allowed us to take on more business while keeping costs down. The plentiful workforce keeps our abandonment rates low and helps to increase conversion rates.

Call Center Solutions: How Can We Assist Your Business?

Here at Call Center Solutions, we provide businesses with customizable services that will fit their individual needs. Some services we extend to our customers include end-to-end customer support, full call center services, back office support, human resource oversight, and recruitment support. Professionalism is a top priority with no language barriers and close proximity to the states ensuring success for your business. Our mission is providing you with any support needed to ensure a successful partnership. We promote growth and efficiency within your organization while you maintain full control of operations.


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