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Call centers are the primary communication channel for businesses to interact with their customers. Therefore, it is essential to have an efficient and effective call handling process that delivers high-quality customer service. The call handling metrics such as AHT, Hold Time, ASA, and Abandonment are used to evaluate the performance of call centers.

Average Handle Time (AHT)

AHT is the total time taken by the call center agent to handle a call, including the time spent on hold, talking to the customer, and after-call work. It is an essential metric that indicates the efficiency of the call center. A lower AHT indicates faster call resolution times, resulting in higher customer satisfaction levels. However, excessively low AHT can negatively impact call quality and customer satisfaction.

At Call Center Solutions, our average handle time is 6-7 minutes. Service calls are typically shorter, while conversion calls take  more time to get all the necessary information. A solution CCS can assist with is factoring  this into your staffing method. It’s not all based on calls, but additionally how many calls are expected to be handled per hour. Some questions to reflect on are: Is that happening? If not, why? What can be done to get to your goal? CCS can assist your business in finding self servicing IVR’s, continuously improving technology, and providing resources to access information sooner. Continuing to coach your team at least twice a month is essential.

Hold Time

Hold time is the amount of time a customer spends on hold waiting for a call center agent to answer their call. Long hold times can frustrate customers and negatively impact the overall customer experience. Therefore, minimizing hold time is crucial for improving customer satisfaction. To improve your business’ hold time, identify why there is one and try to cut out the root of the problem. Anytime a guest is put on hold, we suggest checking back in every 30 seconds to update them and give a provided expected response time if further steps are needed.

Average Speed of Answer (ASA)

ASA is the average time taken by the call center agent to answer a call. It measures the responsiveness of the call center and is a critical metric for customer satisfaction. Longer ASA times indicate slower call center response times and can lead to lower customer satisfaction levels.The industry standard for ASA time is answering 85% of calls in less than 15 seconds. This is referred to as an 85-15 service level. The smart routing currently set up in your businesses’ IVR can affect this and better position your company to have a successful business strategy. For example, prioritizing conversion or service calls over general inquiries can be helpful.

Abandonment Rate

Abandonment rate is the percentage of calls that are abandoned by the customer before reaching an agent. High abandonment rates indicate long wait times or inadequate staffing levels, which can also negatively impact customer satisfaction levels.

Below 3% abandonment rate normally is a sign of overstaffing. Above 7% normally is a sign of understaffing. Based on budget and the type of business goals that are set, there will be a range of results. What smart routing can be put in place or self servicing IVR functions to assist with acceptable abandonment levels while being conscious of staffing and budget?

How Can Call Center Solutions Assist Your Business?

Call handling metrics play a critical role in the performance evaluation of call centers. By tracking and analyzing these metrics, call centers can identify areas of improvement, optimize their processes, and deliver high-quality customer service. AHT, hold time, ASA, abandonment rate, and service levels are just a few of the metrics that call centers can use to evaluate their performance and improve the overall customer experience.

Does your business need assistance in staffing forecasts, additional hiring or discussing call handling metric strategies? Call Center Solutions could be your solution! Let us know how we can assist you today!

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