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Growth in 2022 and Continued Development in 2023

Expansion in 2022

2022 was a year of growth for Call Center Solutions. Our first call center opened its doors in 2019. The sales floor hosts 78 agent stations and 3 supervisor stations. In 2022, our second location was opened offering 165 additional agent stations and 5 supervisor stations. Both of our centers are located in Montego Bay, Jamaica. We have expanded to a staff of more than 170 team members. With doing so, in 2022 our team handled more than three million calls.

Second Location

Growing Our Portfolio

This expansion has aided in offering the same exceptional service to our current clients while promoting growth and efficiency within their organizations. Some of these services include recruiting, account management, and human resources. In 2022, we began offering new services to our clients. The growth of our team helped us to acquire seven new clients throughout the year. Contact Us to learn more on how our services can benefit your company.

Looking Forward to 2023

Opening Our Third Call Center

The call center industry as a whole is projected to grow to over 481 billion dollars in global revenue by 2024. With this rapid growth, Call Center Solutions will be expanding again. We are set to open our third call center in Spring 2023  located in Montego Bay. This center presents the addition of 150 agent stations and 6 supervisor stations. With the new center opening, we will be able to service more clients from coast to coast.

call center

Quarterly Newsletters

Call Center Solutions will begin offering their clients a quarterly newsletter. This will keep clients informed on current events, holidays, and more at our centers and news regarding our business. Each newsletter will celebrate our accomplishments together. We will also be introducing monthly business focuses. Our clients will learn industry standards and data, and tips on applying it within their own organizations.

Introducing New Committee’s

There are two new committee’s that we have created for our team to look forward to. The first will be a Leadership Committee. Presented by our executive team, the focus of each session will be developing fundamental leadership skills. This will offer our mid-level management team beneficial training. All supervisory and management team members are invited to join.


We are also thrilled to announce the Engagement Committee. This committee will include the COO, HR Manager, Operations Manager, and a group of agents or supervisors from each campaign. The application process has begun and selections will be made on 1/16/23.


These committees provide additional opportunities for our agents to foster teamwork while adding additional skills to their arsenal. Call Center Solutions strives to provide a positive and enriching environment for all of our team members. Members of these committee’s will have a strong feeling of being a part of our brand by getting involved in the community and the BPO sector.

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Interested in Our Services?

Whether you’re hoping to grow your business, provide exceptional customer support, or outsource administrative tasks to focus more on what matters most, Call Center Solutions provides the solutions you require with zero langage barrier. Our mission is to increase your organization’s key performance indicators while providing you exceptional service. We promote growth and efficiency within your organization while you maintain full control of operations. CCS is rapidly expanding due to our proven track record. We are the #1 call center in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Visit our website to learn more and contact us today!

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