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The Introduction of Two New Committee’s at Call Center Solutions

Leadership Committee

The first committee we will be introducing is the Leadership Committee. A learning session will take place each month and there will be a graduation ceremony upon completion. These sessions will be presented by the executive team. Members can expect to learn fundamental leadership skills during each one-two hour session. This committee offers a focus on mid-level management training and development. Additionally, members will be provided with relevant guidance and support for career growth and expanding their business knowledge.

Projected Session Dates (Subject to Change)

  • March 1st 2023 @2pm JM Time
  • March 22nd 2023 @2pm JM Time
  • April 19th 2023 @2pm JM Time
  • May 17th 2023 @2pm JM Time
  • June 14th 2023 @2pm JM Time
  • July 26th 2023 @2pm JM Time
  • August 23rd 2023 @2pm JM Time
  • September 20th 2023 @2pm JM Time
  • October 25th 2023 @2pm JM Time
  • November 15th 2023 @2pm JM Time
  • December 6th 2023  All Day (10-6 JM Time)
  • Awards Ceremony – Graduation TBA

Session Topics:

  • Time Management
  • Public Speaking
  •  Operational Efficiencies
  • Ways to Engage Team Members
  • Using what’s in your Toolbox
  • Troubleshooting Best Practices
  • Importance of Software
  • System Organization/ Best Practices
  • Workforce Management Best Practices
  • Coaching and Developing your Team
  • + MORE!

All members of our supervisory and management team are invited and encouraged to join! Sign up is required 30 days in advance to each session and is free of charge. CCS’s Chief Operating Officer will communicate session availability to stateside campaign managers for scheduling purposes.

Engagement Committee

The second committee we have introduced is the Engagement Committee. This committee will include the COO, HR Manager, Operations Manager, and a group of agents or supervisors from each campaign. Members will attend a one hour meeting biweekly. Members of this committee will be primarily responsible for assisting in planning employee engagement events including employee appreciation month, holidays, birthdays, and enhancing our CCS rewards program each year. Team members will divide responsibilities in each of these areas. The application process has begun and selections will be made on 1/16/23.


Join Us

The introduction of the Leadership Committee and Engagement Committee to our team members provide an opportunity to feel a part of the Call Center Solutions brand. You will have the chance to get involved in your community and BPO sector. These committees are a great addition to any resume and will be helpful in growing on your career path. Fill out an application today to join!

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