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Client Interview: 30A Escapes Luxury Vacation Rentals

30A Escapes Luxury Vacation Rentals

30A Escapes Luxury Vacation Rentals offers a truly exceptional experience for those seeking a memorable getaway. With an extensive portfolio of luxurious vacation rentals along Florida’s scenic Highway 30A, they cater to discerning travelers who crave comfort, style, and unparalleled amenities. Their properties, ranging from elegant beachfront estates to charming coastal cottages, are meticulously handpicked to ensure the utmost quality and satisfaction. Each rental is thoughtfully designed and equipped with modern conveniences, ensuring a seamless and indulgent stay. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful retreat or an action-packed adventure, their team will provide personalized service finding the perfect accommodations for your vacation.

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Q: What has Call Center Solutions done for your company since becoming our client?  

  • A: Call Center Solutions provides an at ease experience for us as a company, Alison and Ramon go above and beyond to ensure their campaign managers are personally taken care of at all times. 


Q: When & why did your company decide to hire Call Center Solutions over other options?

  • A: 30A Escapes chose Call Center Solutions as we knew we would be able to get great call center agents to assist our guests. We wanted to build our team and Call Center Solutions provides exactly what we were looking for.


Q: What problems did Call Center Solutions solve for your company?

  • A: Call Center Solutions provided us with an at ease experience hiring agents with a background in customer service and call center experience. 


Q: How has Call Center Solutions met or exceeded your expectations?

  • A: Call Center Solutions continuously exceeds our expectations. The client customer care is hands on. Amanda, Alison and Ramon are there as soon as needed. They go above and beyond in explaining the process and assisting you as much as possible when questions arise.  


Q: What has CCS done for your business that you have found particularly valuable?

  • A: CCS has provided us with agents that care and genuinely love their jobs. We provided CCS with what our company was looking for in our new agents  and they delivered. Our agents have been quick to train and look forward to assisting our customers.  


Q: Do you feel your continued communication with CCS has been straightforward? Have we proactively listened and worked to find possible solutions?

  • A: CCS Communication is proactive, they are here for their customers. When questions arise, CCS is spot on with their answers in a timely manner.


Q: Would you recommend CCS to other businesses? Why?

  • A: We at 30A Escapes would recommend CCS to other businesses as we have built a great client relationship with CCS. The team there cares about our agents as well as our needs as a call center.  We are able to have a more flexible schedule for High Peak Season due to our agents in the call center being open to working any schedule needed. 


Q: What benefits has your company received from working with CCS?

  • A: Our greatest benefit with CCS is our abandonment rate has drastically dropped from previous years. Close to a 90% difference!


Q: Does your company feel that you have received the promised services from CCS?

  • A: Yes, CCS has provided us with a great experience and have delivered beyond expectations. 


Q: Have we simplified your company’s processes? How?

  • A: Yes, CCS has provided us with additional team members who not only work in reservations but also assist with in house guests. Our agents at CCS have gone above and beyond with their job and continue to grow.  Also, our agents provide additional coverage when needed, Which is helpful when we are staying open later hours during the week. Our agents work any shift needed and are very hands on with our management team. We utilize Team chat to assist us in communication for the day. We are thankful to be a part of CCS and look forward to growing our team and company with the assistance that CCS has provided us.

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